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DGM Property, Asset & Waste Management Technology

In addition to automating your key processes and reducing your administrative workload, DGM Property & Asset Management System will enable you to monitor and maintain your properties and assets more effectively and efficiently. Your PC, tablet, or phone can be used to access your account...

Whether you are working from home, at the office, or on the go... A site visit or a road trip.


Detailed reporting is available by property, city, zone, region, and country for any given period.


Our team has over 25 years of experience in the UK and Africa in the areas of Software Development and Property Development

Property Management Technology

Asset Management

Waste Management Technology

  • Processing of sales, leases, rentals, landlords, tenants and payments

  • You can log maintenance and service requests for the property network

  •  Maintain and schedule general maintenance for each property

  •  Monitor and track expenditures against the budget

  •  Increasing profitability and efficiency by automating administrative tasks

  •  Establish an automated online fixed asset register

  •  Analyse and report the costs of maintaining property assets

  •  Keep a complete history including servicing, repairs and replacements

  •  Prioritize asset maintenance repairs

  •  Paperless asset management with better audits and inventories

  • A single platform connecting property managers, occupiers, collectors and government

  •  Manage feedback, issues and collections

  •  Analysis of the amount, type and recycling of waste generated

  •  Encourage the collection of solid waste in a safe and timely manner

  •  Awareness training for waste separation & recycling

  •  Promote a responsible solid waste disposal culture & encourage occupiers to do so

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