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The DGM Property & Asset Management System will save you time and increase revenue by automating your key processes and reducing your administrative workload ensuring your properties and assets are managed and maintained more efficiently and effectively. Log in from your desk top, your tablet or phone... in the office, from home, on your travels... on the road or on a site visit. Produce detailed reporting on properties and assets by property, city, zone, region and country over any specified period of time.  We are an award winning team with over 25 years experience in Software Development and the Property Industry in the UK and Africa.

Property Management Software

Management Software

RFID Asset Tagging

  • Process sales, rentals, leases, landlords, tenants and payments

  • Log maintenance and service requests for your property network

  • Schedule and monitor general maintenance work for each property

  • Monitor expenditure and track expenses against budget

  • Increase profitability and efficiency by automating administrative tasks

  • Create an automated on-line fixed asset register

  • Track and report on the cost of maintaining assets at property level

  • Keep a comprehensive history including servicing, inspections & replacements

  • Schedule asset maintenance repairs in order of priority

  • Paper free management with improved asset auditing and inventory

  • DGM specialises in the tracking of moveable assets using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology

  • Automatically identify and track assets and track unauthorised removal of assets

  • Upload asset data to the DGM Property & Asset Management system for further detailed analysis and reporting


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